Information about 1st Barford Scout Group

Contact Details

The Leadership Team

Group Scout Leader :  Martin Russell
telephone :  07882 851768
e-mail :

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Beaver Scout Leader :  Karen Godfrey
telephone :  07580 445730
e-mail :

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Cub Scout Leader :  Wendy Jones
telephone :  07904 355846
e-mail :

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Scout Leader :  Jo Ford
telephone :  07702 511104
e-mail :

Structure of the Scout Organisation

Scouting headquarters is based at Gillwell Park in Essex. The country is split into counties - we are Warwickshire. Each county has a county commissioner, responsible for overseeing activities and districts therein. Each County is split into districts and each district has a commissioner responsible for overseeing activities and the groups in the district. We are in Warwick District. Each district has a number of Scout Groups who have a Group Scout leader responsible for overseeing activities and the sections in the group.

Who controls what happens within the group?

The Beaver, Cub or Scout leader team decides the activities they run for their section. These are reviewed by the Group scout leader. In extreme circumstances the district or county may review matters for the benefit of scouting. All parents are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Supporters Group, the date of which will be circulated in advance. Important details on what is happening in the Group and to the Scout Hut are discussed and it gives you the chance to air your views and put forward your suggestions.

What training do Leaders have?

To ensure young people experience good quality scouting, leaders are required to demonstrate a range of knowledge, skills and attitudes. 37 adult training modules are provided and include modules on first aid, child protection, practical skills etc.

Who pays the Leaders?

All scout leaders are volunteers. They receive no payment for running meetings each week nor for their preparation or for running any additional activities. They all give their time voluntarily and in some cases spend considerable periods of their annual holidays being trained, running camps and other extended events.

Parental Support-We NEED you!

All parents are asked to be vigilant in bringing their children directly to the building and ensuring a leader knows they have arrived and also to collect them promptly from within the venue. We are unable to run a section night unless two leaders are present. So we would ask you to remain at the meeting place with your child until there is the correct number of leaders. We do call on parental help on meeting nights and also on outings and other events. All leaders and helpers are subject to Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks before they start. If you do not wish to be checked then you will be unable to help as it is mandatory that ALL our helpers are CRB checked. The weight of responsibility should not fall on a few volunteers, and your child will also benefit from a demonstration of your commitment to the Group, Troop, Pack and Colony. (Please return the 'I can Help Form'). Parents are asked to help in any manner that they can. This could mean helping out on a section night by setting up tables or helping to clear away. Ideally we would like help in many other areas. If you are able to help on a section night or special event, please speak to one of the leader as you will need to complete an Occasional Helper form (forms can be obtained from Martin, G.S.L.).

What does it cost?

Our subscriptions are payable at the first meeting at the start of each school term. This subscription pays for handbooks, neckerchiefs, badges, art and craft material and Insurance etc. Camp fees and days out are paid in addition to this.

Gift Aid

A potential important source of monies for the group is the Gift Aid scheme. For every pound you give the group we can reclaim from the government. This allows us to keep the subscriptions down to a minimum, but only if you complete and return the declaration form. It costs you nothing but can benefit us greatly.
You can download the Gift Aid Form here:

Gift Aid Form  (pdf 74kB)

Download Acrobat Reader X     You will need a PDF Reader to open the files. You can download Acrobat Reader X here for free.

Behaviour Policy

Barford scout group believes all youngsters should be led to respect the rights, needs and beliefs of others. We aim to create a happy and caring environment where young people feel safe and comfortable. All persons involved with the group are expected to encourage thoughtful and tolerant attitudes. All the youngsters are encouraged to be courteous and considerate, and to develop self-discipline. A great deal of emphasis is placed on personal, social growth and for this reason the young people are encouraged to talk about their behaviour and the effect this may have on others. We try and keep rules at a minimum, and are concerned with ensuring the safety and comfort of the youngsters and leaders. When some form of sanction is needed, it is important that it is immediate and appropriate, often taking the form of exclusion from an activity.


The Scout Association has a very strict policy on Bullying. Barford Scout Group will not tolerate any form of Bullying, whether physical, mental or verbal. Bullying will result in your child being removed from the Group. If parents wish to read the scout's policy on anti-bullying then a copy can be requested from the section leader.

Further information

Each section revolves around a core programme that is aimed at the gaining of badges. Each section has challenges and activities that are age specific and promote the ethos of the Scouting movement. Meetings can involve outdoor and indoor games and activities, group external or internal visits, day camps or longer camps, parades and Group, District, County and even National events. It is important to the group and the children that support and encouragement continues at home. Scouting is a global community and although we aim to cover a great deal at meetings, children may need to continue working on badges at home, or take part in parades, night hikes, sleepovers and camps. It is a great sense of pride to have a sleeve full of badge when moving on to the next adventure, so any support is greatly received. There are two very comprehensive website if you wish to get any further information:
Please come and talk to us if you have any thoughts or concerns, or specific issues relating to your child. The policies of the Scout Association are available on the internet or via the leadership team. Training is ongoing with the leadership team and support ensures that current legislation is followed. Any adult support is gratefully received. This could be to support the gaining of badges or help with adult ratios. A form is enclosed in this pack but if you wish to become more than an adult supporter, i.e. a leader then please talk to one of the leaders for further information.